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TEDz : DISC Index

DISC-TedzAs a requirement in our OMC Groups Formation I am required to take the DISC Index test. DISC Index is a modern interpretation of behavioral dimensions. DISC Index will help us understand our behavioral style and how to maximize our potential,  and here is the result of my DISC Index Test. disc1disc3disc-natural-style

My natural style is “D” it is the way I tend to behave when I’m not thinking about it. This is where I am most comfortable (natural). This is also the style I will revert back to when under the stress or moving too quickly to be consciously thinking about modifying my behavior. This is the style I should seek  to be true in my daily roles. The following statements are true to just my unique natural style.

  • Forward thinking on planning ideas and activities related to the big picture.
  • The High D traits along with the Lower S and C traits, allow decisions to be made quickly and easily.
  • Responsive and move quickly to maximize results.
  • The High D traits bring a direct, bottom-line orientation
  • The High I traits allow for a sensitivity  to people
  • A hard driver, even in the face of opposition.
  • Is seen by others as a mover & shaker and one who loves to compete with the best.
  • Shows strong ability to easily take command of a project or a situation.
  • When the climate is favorable the High I nature allows for optimism and friendly effect.
  • When the climate becomes antagonistic, the High D nature presents a tough and determined response.
  • Can be seen as the hub of the wheel with many activities occurring simultaneously, while maintaining knowledge and control of each.
  • Brings a high sense of urgency for results and will put pressure on herself and others to reach a successful solution while maintaining an optimistic attitude
  • Able to jump into the middle of the project-in-process, accept control and responsibility, get people on board, and make decisions quickly.
  • Brings enthusiasm, optimism, and a drive to succeed with team projects. Solves problems with people with people and results in mind.
  • Maintains optimism for herself and others, even in the long haul on a project.
  • Strong ability to motivate and manage others through optimistic attitude and firm delegation of tasks.
  • Has the ability to reduce barriers to performance that others place around themselves and lead them to success.
  • Able to multi-task in a variety of areas, maintaining control over many projects simultaneously.

Now I understand my natural behavioral style and how to maximize my potential more effectively.

I am TEDz  demanding, driving, forceful,  daring, determined, competitive, responsible, inquisitive, persuasive, inspiring, enthusiastic, sociable, charming, convincing,  systematic and  analytical. Ready to be an asset to your TEAM.


Opening my Mind

opening your mindI now started my Online Mentoring Club Lessons. My first assignment is to buy a nice paper notebook, a ball pen, and I will be writing the PROMISE to myself. I want my descendants to see this. This notebook will be a witness even I’ve forgotten it after 10 years and will tell to myself “I’m glad I wrote these.” Everyday I will fill up one whole page of my notebook, writing down same resolutions. A vision on how I see myself 10 years from now.

“I’m a home-based entrepreneur, I do home-based business. I’m starting a home-based business that I envision to become the Google of Home-based Businesses”

 Words I tell to myself matter than what I think,                                           so that exercise of writing words repeatedly is                                                 SIMPLE way to change the words  I SECRETLY tell to myself.

Becoming an “A” Player


An “A Player” is someone who is totally committed and focused, on every possible level, to delivering world-class results.  An “A” Player can understand what’s being asked of them, and who can see beyond what is being asked and deliver on it competently. They can deliver exactly  OTOB   (On Time, On Budget).


To become an A player I need to practice the best attitudes.

How to learn the best attitudes
* Learn to perform my job well and make an extra effort
* Work Smart , find shortcuts to help me accomplish my job.
* Act professionally and practice positive disposition
* Take initiative, make life easier for them to make choices
* Be a good team player and be part of the solution
* Knowing and understand my client will help me to better
   understand my role and the value of the job I provide
* Take constructive criticism gracefully, and learn how to use this to
   improve my performance on the job
* Take opportunities to learn new skills, never stop learning
* Anticipate the needs of my client
* Give intelligent options, results and zero excuses
* Get used to reporting everyday
* Always ask!


My goal is to be an A Player, to stand out as Virtual Professional of my choice.

Be Valuable, Invest in yourself

INVEST-IN-YOURSELFInvesting in yourself is the surest way to achieve a better quality life, to be successful, productive, and satisfied.

These are the three ways that help me to become more valuable:

jomar hilario online mentoring club
1. Develop Your Skills 
Advance your education.
I’m doing the assignments and trainings of Virtual Professional Seminar (online) of Jomar Hilario. I subscribed to the 12 months Online Mentoring Club of Jomar Hilario to learn Online Marketing.
 Utilize available training
Every Monday I’m participating on free Webinar by Jomar Hilario to learn more skills and update my knowledge and download the replay and listen / watch  it  repeatedly during my idle time. Watching YouTube Videos of Social Media Strategist  and reading their blogs.
Expand your knowledge
Being a member of Jomar Hilario Mastery Club, there are lots of information available. Books, articles anything  related to my talent or skill I want to work on. I stay abreast of the latest trends, subscribe to publications,  read blogs of experts and follow the latest news
2. Explore your creative side
Creativity in any form helps us to grow, it’s all about trying new things. Try using Canva in my poster making.  Use animation in doing tutorials and apply Info-graphics in explaining facts and graphs.  Write something, tell your stories.I made this blog to write my journey on my Virtual Career.
3. Nurture your mind and body

Expand my mind, learning new things and keeping my  mind active even in simple ways helps to grow and maintain my mental ability.  Every day first thing I will do when I open my computer is to read the Kerygma Family daily bible reading and make a  poster  of the gospel then shared it to my social media accounts. Every day while my son is playing I will do my 20 minutes Zumba exercise to be fit and healthy. As the chef of the family,  I make healthy food choices  as often as possible. Every Saturday noon is our family day out bonding, and Sunday is a worship and rest day.

Investing in myself truly makes a difference in my life, my well-being and  to perform to the best of my ability.
Rest and relax often, slow down and don’t overload your system.
Reference: Lifestyle by Royale Scuder


The Reinvention of TEDz

the-reinvention-of-tedzChange means reinvention.

Each time a major shift happens to our lives, leaving a job and migrate to other country, got pregnant and enjoy the journey of motherhood full-time, we have to take control of who we will become or risk never reaching our full potential.

I’ve reinvented myself several times of my life, from being in the corporate world then became a public servant then became an Oversees Filipino Worker then became a Stay at home Mom and my new reinvention to become a Work at home Mom – a Virtual Professional.

To reinvent yourself, you must be bold enough and fearless enough to stand your ground when many will try to knock you off your path.

Two years are enough to be a full-time mother and its time for me to practice again my profession as an accountant and learn new skills a a Virtual Professional at the same time take care of my son and spend quality time to my family.

How will I do that?

Thanks to Internet, we can now work in virtual world without leaving our home and family behind.

Here are the steps I’ve made to reinvent myself.

1. I create a vision of my future. I imagine the future that I want.

“To have the time freedom that I want, to continue my career on a higher level and to earn the income that I need “

2. I Write about my plans on how to achieve my goals, the skills that I need to possess and the time frame of my goals.

3. I surround myself with visual reminders someplace where I can see them every day and it can be anything that reminds me of the life I would like to create.

4. Now that I have a vision and plans for my future, I need to break it up into workable tasks. I find a mentor who can guide, help and nurture my career quest. I make a list of everything I need to learn, and commit myself to DO IT one day at a time.

5. Every day I go back to that vision of me walking toward my dreams and reconnect with WHY I am moving towards this new possibility.

Major life changes are never easy, Reinvention is neither easy nor always smooth. Often, I encounter resistance. I often struggle with limiting beliefs about myself what holds me back from trying new things.

Each time I find myself slipping into making excuses & procrastination, I just ask myself  “What can I do in this moment to keep moving forward?” Then, no matter what I feel at the moment, I do something to maintain momentum, like reading books, watching tutorial webinars, listening to audio books.

Reinvention say I need to find concordance between what really matters to me and the goals I chase.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

Hello Virtual World


Hello Virtual World! At last, I started my first ever WordPress blog.

Blog is a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

My first attempt to become a blogger. I’m an Accountant by profession and my  field in Accounting which is the language of business teaches me how to record, classify and summarize events. And it is a means through which information is communicated will be my foundation to start my Blog.

Accounting is the art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof.

I am a frustrated writer and a story-teller and I loved reading. Surfing the net became my BFF (best friend forever) and play a big part of my daily existence.

In addition to that I’m pursuing a new career in Marketing and my goal is to become an Online Marketer and be more valuable.

Marketing – the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer, It includes the coordination of identification, selection and development of a product, determination of its price, selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer and development and implementation of  a promotional strategy.

So I will incorporate my skills as an Accountant, my talent as an Artist, and my hobbies to present a blog that contains my personal reflections, experiences, technical know-how, and comments about my journey as an Online Marketer – Virtual Professional.

I am TEDz

T alented
E xceptional
D ependable

Welcome to my blog, Tedz@Work

and I am a Your  Versatile Virtual Partner.