TEDz : DISC Index

DISC-TedzAs a requirement in our OMC Groups Formation I am required to take the DISC Index test. DISC Index is a modern interpretation of behavioral dimensions. DISC Index will help us understand our behavioral style and how to maximize our potential,  and here is the result of my DISC Index Test. disc1disc3disc-natural-style

My natural style is “D” it is the way I tend to behave when I’m not thinking about it. This is where I am most comfortable (natural). This is also the style I will revert back to when under the stress or moving too quickly to be consciously thinking about modifying my behavior. This is the style I should seek  to be true in my daily roles. The following statements are true to just my unique natural style.

  • Forward thinking on planning ideas and activities related to the big picture.
  • The High D traits along with the Lower S and C traits, allow decisions to be made quickly and easily.
  • Responsive and move quickly to maximize results.
  • The High D traits bring a direct, bottom-line orientation
  • The High I traits allow for a sensitivity  to people
  • A hard driver, even in the face of opposition.
  • Is seen by others as a mover & shaker and one who loves to compete with the best.
  • Shows strong ability to easily take command of a project or a situation.
  • When the climate is favorable the High I nature allows for optimism and friendly effect.
  • When the climate becomes antagonistic, the High D nature presents a tough and determined response.
  • Can be seen as the hub of the wheel with many activities occurring simultaneously, while maintaining knowledge and control of each.
  • Brings a high sense of urgency for results and will put pressure on herself and others to reach a successful solution while maintaining an optimistic attitude
  • Able to jump into the middle of the project-in-process, accept control and responsibility, get people on board, and make decisions quickly.
  • Brings enthusiasm, optimism, and a drive to succeed with team projects. Solves problems with people with people and results in mind.
  • Maintains optimism for herself and others, even in the long haul on a project.
  • Strong ability to motivate and manage others through optimistic attitude and firm delegation of tasks.
  • Has the ability to reduce barriers to performance that others place around themselves and lead them to success.
  • Able to multi-task in a variety of areas, maintaining control over many projects simultaneously.

Now I understand my natural behavioral style and how to maximize my potential more effectively.

I am TEDz  demanding, driving, forceful,  daring, determined, competitive, responsible, inquisitive, persuasive, inspiring, enthusiastic, sociable, charming, convincing,  systematic and  analytical. Ready to be an asset to your TEAM.



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