Opening my Mind

opening your mindI now started my Online Mentoring Club Lessons. My first assignment is to buy a nice paper notebook, a ball pen, and I will be writing the PROMISE to myself. I want my descendants to see this. This notebook will be a witness even I’ve forgotten it after 10 years and will tell to myself “I’m glad I wrote these.” Everyday I will fill up one whole page of my notebook, writing down same resolutions. A vision on how I see myself 10 years from now.

“I’m a home-based entrepreneur, I do home-based business. I’m starting a home-based business that I envision to become the Google of Home-based Businesses”

 Words I tell to myself matter than what I think,                                           so that exercise of writing words repeatedly is                                                 SIMPLE way to change the words  I SECRETLY tell to myself.


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