Becoming an “A” Player


An “A Player” is someone who is totally committed and focused, on every possible level, to delivering world-class results.  An “A” Player can understand what’s being asked of them, and who can see beyond what is being asked and deliver on it competently. They can deliver exactly  OTOB   (On Time, On Budget).


To become an A player I need to practice the best attitudes.

How to learn the best attitudes
* Learn to perform my job well and make an extra effort
* Work Smart , find shortcuts to help me accomplish my job.
* Act professionally and practice positive disposition
* Take initiative, make life easier for them to make choices
* Be a good team player and be part of the solution
* Knowing and understand my client will help me to better
   understand my role and the value of the job I provide
* Take constructive criticism gracefully, and learn how to use this to
   improve my performance on the job
* Take opportunities to learn new skills, never stop learning
* Anticipate the needs of my client
* Give intelligent options, results and zero excuses
* Get used to reporting everyday
* Always ask!


My goal is to be an A Player, to stand out as Virtual Professional of my choice.


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