Be Valuable, Invest in yourself

INVEST-IN-YOURSELFInvesting in yourself is the surest way to achieve a better quality life, to be successful, productive, and satisfied.

These are the three ways that help me to become more valuable:

jomar hilario online mentoring club
1. Develop Your Skills 
Advance your education.
I’m doing the assignments and trainings of Virtual Professional Seminar (online) of Jomar Hilario. I subscribed to the 12 months Online Mentoring Club of Jomar Hilario to learn Online Marketing.
 Utilize available training
Every Monday I’m participating on free Webinar by Jomar Hilario to learn more skills and update my knowledge and download the replay and listen / watch  it  repeatedly during my idle time. Watching YouTube Videos of Social Media Strategist  and reading their blogs.
Expand your knowledge
Being a member of Jomar Hilario Mastery Club, there are lots of information available. Books, articles anything  related to my talent or skill I want to work on. I stay abreast of the latest trends, subscribe to publications,  read blogs of experts and follow the latest news
2. Explore your creative side
Creativity in any form helps us to grow, it’s all about trying new things. Try using Canva in my poster making.  Use animation in doing tutorials and apply Info-graphics in explaining facts and graphs.  Write something, tell your stories.I made this blog to write my journey on my Virtual Career.
3. Nurture your mind and body

Expand my mind, learning new things and keeping my  mind active even in simple ways helps to grow and maintain my mental ability.  Every day first thing I will do when I open my computer is to read the Kerygma Family daily bible reading and make a  poster  of the gospel then shared it to my social media accounts. Every day while my son is playing I will do my 20 minutes Zumba exercise to be fit and healthy. As the chef of the family,  I make healthy food choices  as often as possible. Every Saturday noon is our family day out bonding, and Sunday is a worship and rest day.

Investing in myself truly makes a difference in my life, my well-being and  to perform to the best of my ability.
Rest and relax often, slow down and don’t overload your system.
Reference: Lifestyle by Royale Scuder



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